How To Spend Less Money On Data Subscription

//How To Spend Less Money On Data Subscription

How To Spend Less Money On Data Subscription

Cost of data doubles what some persons spend on food and other basic needs of man.

There are times when one get surprised on how data that was subscribed hours ago got exhausted. It is either as a result of data zapping from the ISP/Network Carrier or ignorant usage on the part of the user.
However, we as users can do something to reduce our rate of data consumption, while we depend on regulatory agencies to protect us from data zapping which is the fraudulent ways ISP’s/Network Carriers shortchange their customers.

Below are some actions we need to take to make our data last long as they should:

1). Turn off background data or set a data limit .
*Go into ‘Settings’
*Select ‘Data usage’.
*Turn off ‘Mobile data’.
*Go into ‘Settings’.
*Select ‘Mobile/Cellular’.
*Turn off ‘Mobile/Cellular Data’

2). Turn off Facebook Video Auto-play.
*Go to your Facebook option icon (the three horizontal bars at the top right corner)
*Click on App Settings (Under help & settings)
*Click on AutoPlay
*Select Never autoplay Videos.

In addition, you can activate the “Data Saver” option.
*Navigate to the option icon
*Then go to settings & Privacy
*Select Data Saver,
*Toggle the data saver on.

3). WhatsApp: Deactivate Media Auto Download
*Go to Settings in your WhatsApp
*Click on “Data and Storage Usage”
*Select Media Auto Download option
*Deselect all options under “When Using Mobile Data”

You can also enable low data usage for WhatsApp Calls

4). Instagram:Reduce Data Usage.
*Open Instagram options
*Go to Settings
*Select Cellular Data Use
*Then tick Use Less Data.

5). Twitter: Deactivate Auto Play.
*Go to your Twitter Profile icon.
*Click on Settings and Privacy
*Select Data Usage
*Set Video Autoplay to Never

6). Snapchat.
*Go to Snapchat Settings
*Click on “Manage” under “Additional Services”
*Tick the “Travel Mode” box

7). YouTube: Limit mobile data usage.
*Open the YouTube App
Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner
*Select Settings
*Click on General
*Turn on “Limit Mobile Data Usage”

8). Playstore: Update Apps on Wi-fi Only.
*Go to the Google Play store
*Click on Menu & go to Settings
*Click on Auto-update apps.
*Select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only

Now you can spend less money on data subscription and enjoy a fantastic browsing experience.

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